Watermelon Juice


Ingredients :

(Serves 4)


1L of Watermelon Juice

15cl of Lemon Juice

5 cl of Orange Juice

5 cl of Agave syrup

4 cucumber rounds


Between the summer heat and all of the outdoor activities that come along with the summer mpnths staying hydrated is a must. Watermelon seems to be the perfect fruit to combine pleasure and hydratation.

3 words describing this fruit : refreshing, light and energizer. The juice of this full of water fruit is essential for this summer. It will be your best friend.




Instructions :

1. Cut watermelon in 4 pieces and peel the skin. Cut big pieces and put it in large bowl.

2. Mix the preparation and strain into the bowl.

3. Add juice of orange, lemon and agave sirup to watermelon juice.

4. Blend preparation with cooking whisk.

5. Let in cool in 1 hours.

Serve well chilled with cucumber rounds.

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Juice 2016 – Watermelon

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