Frequently Asked Questions

What type of food does LPQ serve?

At Le Pain Quotidien, we believe that food should be simple, nourishing and delicious. Our breakfast menu includes a range of organic breads, pastries, eggs, yoghurt, organic coffee and teas. For lunch, our handmade organic wheat bread serves as the base for our signature tartines, and the perfect accompaniment to our soups, salads and quiches. Many of our menu items are vegetarian and vegan. Our takeaway menus offers fresh Le Pain Quotidien products to enjoy at home, offices or at events.

Which of your products are organic?

We source organic ingredients whenever possible. All of our breads and pastries are organic, as well as the products in our pantry and most of our beverages.

Which of your products are available to purchase?

Our retail shelves are filled with our favorite pantry items which are also featured in many of our recipes. The organic jams and chocolate spreads (blondie, brunette, noir, noisella and speculoos) as well as our organic cold pressed olive oil, balsamic, grey sea salt and black Malabar pepper mills are all shared on the communal tables in every restaurant.

We also offer our organic, 100% Arabica coffee for you to enjoy at home. This year, our new creation, Crunola raw granola has also arrived on our pantry shelves.

What are your plans for expansion?

We are always looking for the right opportunities to expand in communities where people appreciate simple, wholesome and delicious food, but we're not in any rush. We continue to pursue responsible growth, all while maintaining a high level of quality and respecting the communities we serve.

Is Le Pain Quotidien a green restaurant?

At Le Pain Quotidien, we believe in taking initiative to protect our environment and continually pursuing sustainability efforts. 

In 2006, Le Pain Quotidien in the United States became the first restaurant group to become a member of the Green Restaurant Association.

This year, LPQFR partnered with Bio consom’acteurs for Earth Day and LPQ actively supports the Soil Association.

Our environmental commitment includes recylcing programs, using recycled and cholorine-free paper products, low flow spray valves as well as biodegradeable takeaway containers.

Our furniture and millwork, including our communal tables, are made from recylced wood, and our locations are constructed using recycled gypsum and low VOC paints.