Butternut & Chorizo Frittata

Perfect for breakfast or a light meal, our frittata has become a must for our seasonal specialties. We give it a greedy spirit by combining the taste of butternut squash and chorizo. Try butternut, enjoy its solf flesh and taste.



For sure, you will love Poffertjes ! These dutch small pancakes are served with butter and icing sugar in the traditional version. You can also add melted chocolate. Enjoy it !



Chili Sin Carne:

Our healthy recipe of Chili Sin Carne is composed of a mixture of three beans. You can add avocado mash, soya yoghurt and spring onions at your convenience. This meal is perfect for Vegan and Vegetarian !



Camembert & Apple

This recipe is a sure bet for surprising and original flavors. Cheese lovers will like this mix of Apple, Camembert and Pecan Nuts. This sweet-sour association is delicious during cold winter days. The unique taste of the thyme gives flavor to this tartine.


Vegetarian Tartine

Our new Vegetarian Tartine is made with butternut squash, honored this season. Its smooth and tasty flesh is put in a creamy base of ricotta. We added pumpkin seeds for the crunchy touch. Its goes well with parmesan and sundried tomatoes.



Smoked Salmon Salad

Our traditional Smoked Salmon Salad is now served with Ricotta with herbs. Our famous lemony, capers, cucumbers, radish and spring onion also composes this salad, perfect for winter.


Veggie Plate

This new colored salad is only composed of seasonal vegetables, with various flavors and textures ! Our winter quinoa tabbouleh  is mixed with carrot, kale, zucchoni, fennel and parsley. Hummus and Beet caviar bring the melting texture while concomber with pesto, lemony mushrooms and chioggia beet are crunchy.

This detox salad can be enjoyed by Vegan and Vegetarian people.



Hot wine with spices

Inescapable in December, this reinvigorating drink is a real pleasure. This is the prrfect drink to get you warm and for sure, you will spend a pleasant moment.


Hot Milk and Spread

Hot milk with Noisella or Speculoos spread and it’s done ! For breakfast or snack, you will go back into childhood. Vegan can enjoy it with soya milk. Retry the recipe at home with all our spreads available in our grocery.

Winter Detox Elixir

This detoxifying drink is perfect with approach of Christmas season. It is realizedwith a mixture of honey, ginger, mint and lemon, helping digestion and elimination of fats.To take advantage of all the benefits, enjoy it in the morning !



Authentic Dessert Cream

This season, enjoy the Authentic Dessert Cream by Le Pain Quotidien. We prepared you this delicious sweetness in 3 tastes : chocolate, coffee and our famous Noisella spread ! We want to taste all of them !


Apple Turnover

Now, Le Pain Quotidien offers you the famous Apple turnover. This delicious pastery can be tasted as well in breakfast as in snack.


Almonds & Figs

Discover our new delicious bread recipe mixing almonds for cripsy touch and figs for the tender texture. As a source of vitamins and calcium, these bread is perfect for winter.

Black Russian

Black Russian is a very dark bread which is surprising by its delicious taste. This original bread accompanies perfectly our Farmer Cheese Platter.


Photo : Mélanie Denizot