Ticktock ticktock ticktock… It’s almost Valentine’s day. On the 14th of February, we celebrate lovers. Whether you give flowers, chocolates, or simply sweet talks, what matters is to please your better half.

Do you already know what you’ll do for the occasion? Why not make something yourself. DIY is on trend and it’s the best way of making a gift not only unique but also personal.

So, if you are romantic or even if you are not, dare to surprise your special someone. He or she can only fall for it and it will rekindle the spark between you.

To celebrate this special day, our two creamy Valentine’s hearts will make your own heart melt.

Salted caramel covered with a chocolate mousse and a light passion fruit mousse with a raspberry heart, side by side on a crispy shortbread.

It is heaven on earth, isn’t it?