Seasonal Frittata :

It is a must have of our seasonal specialities,you can eat our Frittata for generous breakfast or light lunch. This summer, we give it a Provencal flavour with zucchini, feta and thym.

Green Shot :

Our new Green Shot with wheatgrass juice and orange will give you refresh and well-being. Immediate invigorating effect !

Ice Coffee :

This beverage is essential to accompany your summer days. It is made with almond milk, perfect for vegan people.





Italian Plate :

This salad with mediterranean flavour reminds us the « Dolce Vita » with the tomatoes accompanied by Mozzarella Di Bufala, olive oil and balsamic vinegar seasoning. Discover taste of olive and artichoke spread with grilled zucchini. Enjoy your meal !

Watermelon juice :

Watermelon juice is a refreshing drink which reminds the summer period. To make it tastier, we add hints of lemon juice and agave syrup.

Vegetarian Platte :

Treat yourself with our new Vegetarian Plate. This detox salad can be enjoyed by Vegetarian people : tabbouleh with herbs, melon, Roma tomatoes, feta, olive, cucumber with pesto and hummus.




Falafel Bowl :

The Falafel Bowl has exceptional vertues for the health : falafels with shiitake, hummus, tabbouleh with herbs, carrot tagliatelles, red cabbage, lebanese bread served with the famous tahini dressing, made with sesame and lemon. Ideal for vegan people !

Veggie Bun :

Le Pain Quotidien Veggie Bun version is tasty and original because you can find in toasted brioche, falafels, avocado, grilled zucchini, rocket served with tahini and herbs dressing. Perfect for vegetarian people !

Ice Tea :

Alternative to Ice Coffee, our Ice Tea is realised with Earl Grey. Orange juice and agave syrup add a fresh and sweet touch.




Vegetarian :

This new recipe highlights the tricolor tomatoes used this season to give a refresh taste to our menu. Its smooth and tasty flesh is put in a creamy base of ricotta.

Melon & Smoked Ham :

One of our new Tartine is made with smoked ham and melon, honored this season.

Chicken & Grilled Zucchini :

Discover the new mix between chicken & grilled zucchini. Enjoy !




Pavlova : Le Pain Quotidien revisit the famous dessert from Australia composed of melting meringue, whipped cream and seasonal red fruits.

Chocolate Mousse Dessert : The chocolate lover will enjoy the Chocolate Mousse !

Panna Cotta : If you prefer Panna Cotta, discover our pie version.

Photo Credits : Mélanie Denizot