Tortilla Frittata & Scrambled Eggs :

Perfect for a hearty breakfast or a light meal, oven frittata has become a must for our seasonal specialties. Le Pain Quotidien revisits the spanish tipical dish for spring.

Enjoy the pleasure of simplicity with our new creamy homemade recipe of scrambled eggs. If you love avocado, choose the half tartine to accompany eggs.


Açaï Bowl & Porridge :

Start your day with a breakfast full of vitamins !

We have chosen to make the delicious version of the açaï brazilian bay by combining its pulp with seasonal fruits and granola. Perfect for complete breakfast or exotic snack, this healthy treat has exceptional virtues. Açaï bay is gluten-free, full of antioxidant and procures a daily energy dose !

Enjoy our new recipe of  ‘Boost Porridge’ with super seeds too !

British Brunch :

This brunch is perfect to satisfy your hunger and to get a good dose of proteins : scrambled eggs, smoked bacon, sausage, Provençale tomato, red cabbage.


Buddha Bowl, Tuna & Végétarian :

Our new colored salads are rich in flavours and perfect to stay slim.

> The Buddha Bowl has exceptional vertues for the health : smoked salmon, avocado, super seeds, lemony lentils, cucumber tagliatelles and red cabbage.

> Tuna Salad is a perfect lunch full of proteins : tuna rillettes with herbs, poached egg, croutons, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, spinach leaves.

> Treat yourself with our new Vegetarian Plate. This detox salad can be enjoyed by Vegetarian people : spring tabbouleh, red cabbage, Roma tomatoes, Mozzarella Di Bufala, cucumber with pesto and hummus.

Thaï Salad & Banh Mi :

Keep in shape until summer and enjoy our Asian inspiration dishes ! Our new light Thaï salad is composed of two cabbages salad, soy bean germs, carrot, peanut and thaï dressing.

Le Pain Quotidien Banh Mi version is tasty and original because you can find in soft super seeds viennese-type bread, smoked bacon, chicken, red cabbage, soy bean germs, cucumber and gomasio.


Mimosa :

Our wheat bread receives famouse Mimosa mixture accompanied with smoked salmon and aneth. This fresh tartine is perfect for spring.


Raspberry Clafoutis :

This new dessert is served warm and is composed of raspberry.

Vanilla and Chocolate Eclair :

This traditional pastry is composed of puff, soft vanilla cream and crispy chocolate.

Strawberry – Rhubarb Crumble :

Strawberry and rhubarb are the new taste of our seasonal crumble.

Photo Crédits : Mélanie Denizot

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