What could be nicer than a healthy breakfast with the one you love ? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It allows you to gain strength and awaken your body gently. Here is the perfect breakfast for two !

Start with a hot drink as a bio green mint tea known for its antioxidant power. Breakfast is the perfect time to stock up on carbohydrates. We suggest you to fill your bowl with:

– A soy yogurt

– Fresh fruits (bananas, raspberries, blueberries)

– Crunola (gluten free) or Granola

Grains, nuts and seeds contained in these mixtures (raw or not) are real gold mines for health.

Have fun decorating your bowl !


You can then share two small fluffy and tasty wafles with our delicious Noisella spread  on sale in our LPQ restaurants.

To finish this good breakfast, there is nothing better than a good fresh juice with organic pear! Organic fruit juices are delicious for health, choose 100% juice with no added sugar.

A healthy and fun pleasure with no limit!


This article was created for Le Pain Quotidien by Healthy Lety