Œuf Cocotte with Ham & Comté

This new recipe is perfect for a delicious breakfast or a lunch full of proteins. Enjoy the pleasure of simplicity with this mixture of eggs, cream and ham and chive. Let’s dip bread with delight !


Kale & Mushroom Frittata

Perfect for a hearty breakfast or a light meal, oven frittata has become a must for our seasonal specialties. We give it a fall spirtit by combining the taste of mushrooms and kale. In addition to being low in calories, kale is a superfood rich in iron and stimulates your natural defenses thanks to its antioxidant properties.




Caesar Salad 

Le Pain Quotidien Caesar Salad  version is tasty and original, as we added kale and avocado to the traditional recipe. Thus you can find in it grilled chicken, parmesan, croutons and of course the famous Caesar dressing. Bon appétit !


Goat Cheese Salad 

Goat cheese toasts are seasoned with our tasty Liege syrup  and seasonal ingredients such as apples, pecans, Chioggia beetroot were added to make this delicious and warm recipe.




Duck Parmentier & Celery Mash

We propose you this traditional recipe by incorporating duck which is perfect pairing with the sweetness of celery mash.



Le Pain Quotidien touch of this simple recipe is provided by the addition of mustard. This gives a unique taste to this inescapable dish.


Quinoa Risotto with Pleurotes

This original version of risotto by Le Pain Quotidien makes this dish a real autumnal specialty. Quinoa is drizzled with white wine and we add mushrooms, honored this season, parmesan, lemon and basil oil.



Goat Cheese & Pear Toast

This recipe is back for fall menu to satisfy your sweet- salty cravings. Pear sweetens the taste of goat cheese and honey placed on top brings an acidulous taste. This dish is a sure bet for surprising and original flavors lovers.


Pleurote Mushroom & Cashew Nuts Ricotta Toast 

This new recipe highlights the pleurotes, mushrooms used this season to give a unique taste to our menu. Indeed, pleurotes grow in our coffee grounds and brings an approach of recycling and sustainability.



Hot Apple Juice with Spices

Our Hot Apple Juice with cinnamon and ginger will give you warmth and well-being. Immediate invigorating effect!


Toasted Brioche

Our Noir spread is the base of our new toasted Brioche. The classic duo Pear & Chocolate is the perfect pairing for this season. Enjoy !


Caramel & Pecan nuts Chia Pudding

The recipe of our new Chia Pudding includes caramel for a sharp flavour and pecan nuts for a crunchy effect.

Seasonal fruits & speculoos biscuit Compote

Apple gives a fresh texture to this classical dessert. Speculoos biscuit makes it crunchy.


Merveilleux with Spéculoos

This pastry is composed of meringue and whipped cream. Le Pain Quotidien proposes an alternative to our Chocolate Merveilleux with the Speculoos version.

Apple pie 

This new dessert is served warm and is accompanied with smooth yoghurt. Vegan people can enjoy it with soya yoghurt.

Chocolate pie 

Chocolate lovers, this dessert was made for you! This delicious pie is served in slices but you can bring home the full cake to celebrate special events.


Photo Crédits : Mélanie Denizot